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Piping Engineering in Mumbai

8 February

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These are the things a piping engineer must definitely know

Piping Designer refers to a person who is responsible or plant layout, the Plot Plan, the equipment location, the pipe routing, the development of the CAD models, the piping isometrics.

If you wish to have a career as a Piping Designer, These are the things you must know.

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Piping Language: First and the foremost thing that you should be well versed about is the terms like pipe, fittings, valves, and flanges. You must understand different types of fittings, schedules, piping materials, the flange class ratings and the function of a variety of valve designs.

The contribution of other engineering groups on the program: As a piping designer you must be aware of the relationship, activities, and input of other engineering and design groups like Process, Civil, Mechanical Equipment, Vessels, Electrical and Instrument Systems involved in the project. These groups work in tandem and ensure the overall success of the project.

Everything from design to execution: As a piping designer you must understand how piping design progress is linked to P&IDs, equipment vendor and instrument vendor drawings, stress analysis, and structural support design to identify areas that can be challenging.
Documents and documents: As a piping designer you must understand Process Flow Diagram and the Piping and Instrument Diagram thoroughly. The former is used by the experienced Piping Designer in the project for plot plan development before the latter is available.

Process Variables: A piping designer must understand pressure, temperature, flow, and level that are the four primary variables and the instrumentation used to regulate these.

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Apart from this, as responsible designer you must also be aware of Process Plant Equipment, Equipment Operation and Internals, Equipment piping, Pipe spans, Pipe expansion, Routing for flexibility, Weight and loads, Industry standards and specifications, Vessel piping, Rack piping, Expansion loops, Cold spring/Pre-spring, Design production methods, Fabrication and Construction methods, Heat Tracing, Deliverables, Drawing Content, and Economics.

Pune Address : 5th floor, A-Wing, Office No. 74-79, K.K. Market, Sr. No. 674-675, Dhankawadi, Pune-Satarard, Pune-411043.
Phone : +91 20 65003400 / +91 20 65003600
Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666
Email-ID :contact[at],
Mumbai Address : L-326, Dreams The Mall, Near Bhandup Railway Station, Bhandup West, Mumbai- 400078, Maharashtra, India.
Mobile No : +91 9527133666
Email-ID : mrjoshi.pipingmumbai[at]

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