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Sofa Furniture Factory in Kondhwa Pune

14 August

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3 Types of Sofa Fabrics After shifting to my new house, I was looking to purchase a highly comfortable sofa. I spent hours visiting showrooms and malls, but could not find what I was looking for. Not ready to compromise on my dream sofa, I decided to pay a visit to a Sofa Factory in Pune. As I checked an array of sofa types, realization struck me that as much as the shape of the Sofa is essential, the fabric too needs equal attention. It is at that point; I decided to study the types of Sofa fabric. Natural fibres: These are made up of plant-based cotton and linen, along with silk and wool. Rayon was added to this list in the 20th-century. It is prepared from processed wood pulp and comes with a silk-like lustre. For the sofa, the rayon material is densely woven. Talking about the most durable natural fibres, cotton, linen and wool top the list, but they can be easily damaged by sunlight and moisture. Wool fabrics need to be moth-proofed time and again. If you are looking to use chemical-free upholstery, purchase ones labelled "certified organic." Synthetics: These are petroleum products and are prepared chemically. Polyester or polypropylene, nylon, acrylic and olefin are most popular synthetic fibres. This particular variety of fibres is blended with natural fibres for durability and resistance to stains. Pet owners prefer sofa made with synthetic fibres as it provides resistance to staining and claw marks. Leather: It is considered as a luxury material for Sofa. Usually processed from animal hide, it is not fabric. The excellent quality leather is top-grain, while split-grain and suede leathers are thinner. They can be dyed in different colours like browns and tans. After understanding the fundamental difference between types of sofa fabrics, I again visited the Sofa Furniture Factory in Kondhwa, Pune. There I locked down on a beautiful sofa set and chose the fabric only after evaluating its pros and cons. Address:- Shop No. 51, Raj Park, Near D.Ed. College, Mithanagar, Kondhwa Khurd, Pune - 400 048. Mobile No:- +91 9689610910 / +91 7875988274 Email:- abdulazizsofamakers[at] Web Site:-